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Audit, Consulting and Strategic Services for Environment Safety Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Acses Consulting is a company providing strategic, audit and consulting services for Environment, Health&Safety (EHS), within a broader context of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Acses-Consulting is not only dealing with technical and management issues, but also to a human and social aspects alltogether, key to projects success and sustainability.

  • High level of EHS expertise: 30 years experience in the field

  • Global SD and CSR approach: integration of social and technical
    ("Consultant Lucie", trained to implantation and self assessment of LUCIE label, promotion 3, Founder member of the APARRSE, contribution to the referential RSE26001* development)

  • Significant international experience: Asia, Africa, Americas, Eastern Europe

  • Multiple sectors of industry and service knowledge: automotive, bank, chemistry, cormetic, food and drink, hotels, luxury goods, metals and materials, oil and gas, pharmacy, telecoms...

  • High quality services: understanding and adaptation to fit your needs, proximity, flexibility, reactivity

  • Specialized trainings:

    • Auditors (Environmental, Safety, EHS, Management systems, internal, certification...)
    • Management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS18001, ISO 45001...)
    • Sustainable Development, CSR (awareness, CSR management implementation...)
    • Responsible purchasing
    • Employees awareness
    • EHS managers
    • Crisis management (media training, site simulation...)
    • EHS compliance
    • Specific technical domains (waste management, remediation, safety behaviour...)
  • A network of associated partners, knowledgeable and skilled, to cover the complete range of sustainable development

* Association pour la Promotion et l'Amélioration du Réferentiel de Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises RSE 26001 http://www.rse26001.fr/