Environmental protection can sometime lead you offtrack, in the most remote and beautiful places, as those few memories from the "Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles" in the Sahara dunes.

Desert is not always as desert as you may think...


Desert means a whole range of transports...

Examples of environmental programmes implemented:

  • Waste mabagement, including segregation (recycling of plastic bottles, food waste, official landfilli disposal for non recycled waste, return in France of hazardous wastes such as batteries...)
  • Total cleaning of the bivouacs, to leave no lasting tracks of the Rallye
  • Participants awareness sessions, distribution of waste bags to be carried in cars to collect waste during the races
  • Awarebess sessions regarding water use to minimize water consumption
  • Energy saving through low consumption lighting
  • Fuel saving through concept of the races itself, based on minimizing distance rather than speed, use of eco fuel